#WarriorWomanWednesday – Shana Pasapa



Introducing our brand new feature #WarriorWomanWednesday!  Each Wednesday we will be profiling a strong Warrior Woman that is doing her part to make the world a better place.

Shana Pasapa: A true Warrior Woman


Shana Pasapa embodies the word warrior, not only in her ability to fight in jiu-jitsu; but in her abilities as a mother of two.

“There are fights every day. It’s just choosing the right fight. You’re going to have arguments. You’re going to have people confronting you. You’re going to have decisions to make but it’s like – what’s your fight? I always (ask) my boys, is that something you want to fight over? Is it that important?”

Shana is a member of White Bear First Nation. She grew up there spending time hunting in the bush with her uncle. She now lives and trains in Regina, Saskatchewan where she is raising her two sons, Jaren (10) and Romeo (8). Shana says her main priorities in life are her home, training, attending ceremonies, and most of all: being a mother.

“I’m giving my sons the best opportunity in life that I can give them so that they can find their own purpose in being here.”

During the day Shana works for the government. She trains in the evenings and is a full-time mother. She says it can get hectic but training helps her keep focused. Now, she can add another role to her already busy life – being an entrepreneur.
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#WarriorWomanWednesday – Angel Aubichon-Manitopyes


Introducing our brand new feature #WarriorWomanWednesday!  Each Wednesday we will be profiling a strong Warrior Woman that is doing her part to make the world a better place.

Meet “Indigenous Envisionista” – Angel Aubichon-Manitopyes!

An ‘Indigenous Envisionista.’ That’s what artist, filmmaker and entrepreneur Angel Aubichon-Manitopyes endearingly calls herself.

“You can be whatever you want to be. I call myself the ‘Indigenous Envisionista.’”

Aubichon-Manitopyes wears a lot of hats in her life, and she designs them as well. She designs jewelry and accessories in addition to creating films. “I hand-craft contemporary bead work. Earrings, hats, bags, necklaces – that’s my niche. I put a contemporary spin on traditional items like hide, feathers, bone, and shell.”

She says like many other fashion designers, dressing up her dolls as a young girl sparked a love for fashion in her younger life. But it was her mother’s influence that really took her love of glamour to the next level.
“My mom was a fashionista. She was the kind of woman who could drive down the street and put lipstick on with one hand no problem without looking in the mirror. She was always very fashion forward in my inspiration.”

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#WarriorWomanWednesday – Madelaine McCallum



 Introducing our brand new feature #WarriorWomanWednesday!  Each Wednesday we will be profiling a strong Warrior Woman that is doing her part to make the world a better place.

From northern Saskatchewan to Vancouver: Madelaine McCallum’s journey to success



Madelaine McCallum’s life has been one of transition since the day she was born. She was raised in the remote northern community of Ille-A-La-Crosse, Saskatchewan. It’s a community of about 1,300 people and a stark contrast from the bustling metropolis of Vancouver where she lives now.

“I think there’s a humbleness when you live in a northern community. There’s no big city, no clubs, no malls, no nothing like that. The stores close super early and you have fun with what you have. I think it really taught me to be a grounded person.”

While she loved being surrounded by the beauty and nature of northern Saskatchewan, she longed for a home to call her own. Her mother struggled with addiction and her father lived in Alberta, so she says she bounced from house to house often staying with her aunts or friends.

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Welcome to the ShopIndig Blog!



Tansi, and welcome to the SI Blog!

My name is Heather Abbey, I’m the Founder & CEO of ShopIndig.ca. I’m a Cree woman from Little Pine First Nation here in Saskatchewan, Canada. My background is in Entrepreneurship and Promotions.

ShopIndig has been a looooong time coming. I first had the idea back in 2012, when I realized how hard it was for Indig Artisans to make it in todays world. Between the high costs of paying for vendor tables/booths, transportation issues of having to go off reserve or travel to market opportunities, to knowledge on how to sell handmade products across the country/world… there were (and still are) – a lot of barriers!

So I decided to make a small website, one where my friends and family could sell what they made, and earn some money. I wanted them to be able to set their own prices, ship their own product, and learn small business skills to promote themselves as Artists and small business owners.

My first website worked exactly the way it should have, and Artisans kept coming onboard with us! At the end of the day it was clear the ShopIndig concept was needed, and we set to work building a website that could handle a high number of Artisans and traffic, and that’s how the ShopIndig.ca website came to be.

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