Suspensions & Cancellations

If a vendor receives multiple complaints related to the same or similar issues they may receive a suspension or have their account cancelled, depending on the severity of the issue. All cancelled vendors will be given the option of an investigation.


If there are multiple complaints of any of the following, the vendor or seller will be suspended until the issue can be resolved:

  • Verbal Abuse/Coarse language
  • Misrepresentation of product
  • Slander of other stores within or outside of
  • Inappropriate photos or images
  • Vending of use goods unless clearly stated
  • Vending of products that the vendor has not made themselves unless clearly stated
  • Any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by admin

Account Cancellation

Upon the first complaint of any of the following, a vendor will be suspended pending investigation. If the matter cannot be resolved, the vendor will be subject to an account cancellation, and a complaint will be issued to PayPal to negotiate a refund to the purchaser. Cancelled account holders will not, under any circumstances, be reinstated as Vendors.

  • Undelivered products
  • Scamming of purchasers in any way
  • Vending of stolen goods
  • Threatening or violent behaviour
  • Any other behaviour deemed inappropriate by admin